Half Day Port Elizabeth Township & Cultural Tour

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Enjoy and experience Port Elizabeth and its diversity in culture. Take a tour and view its variety of ‘townships’. Experience the different cultures found in Port Elizabeth and her ‘townships’.


Port Elizabeth lends itself to a thorough exploration of the diversity of people, history and culture. As a city, the strongest feature is its African nature, with 75% of residents being indigenous Xhosa speaking people. However, the British Settlers also left a strong mark on the city.


We propose an informative social history tour that covers the inner city and 1820 Settler landmarks, as well as the township areas. The story of how the city developed, the impact of colonialism, and later apartheid, and most importantly the birth of a new democratic city dispensation is indeed an interesting one. Your clients will develop an understanding of contemporary South African life for the majority of the cities inhabitants.


From the harbor, we would visit the inner city, moving out towards the “coloured” areas (so defined by Apartheid, but housing the people of mixed race, and descendants of the Malay Slaves). This is where 13 % of the population resides. From here the tour would proceed to the African Townships. The area covered houses 450 000 people, and is extremely diverse. Everything from informal shack land, to new housing projects, middle class areas etc. The tour highlights some of the developmental challenges inherited from the apartheid past, but more importantly showcases the tremendous triumphs of the present. These tours, while being realistic, are also extremely up beat.


Our expert guides also weave in aspects of traditional culture as it still exists, for example traditional circumcision ceremonies, belief in ancestors etc. Your clients will also be exposed to the fantastic clicks in the Xhosa Language, and will hopefully accept the challenge of learning a few indigenous words.


The philosophy of Calabash Tours is to include local communities in our tours. This will be done through the involvement of township schools, with whom we have a relationship. Three schools will be asked to host visitors to a township tea, and provide entertainment. Parents, children and the local community will be involved, and will giver your clients the opportunity to engage with the local people. This serves as a form of fundraising for the schools, and they are always eager to participate in our programmes. From a logistical point of view, we will split the 6 busses into 3 different routes. All will experience the same tour, but from slightly varied routes, to ensure a quality experience.

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Depart from Quay side. Given our history, the country remains surprisingly divided, and it is the purpose of our tour to narrow that divide. Qualified local guides will be with you explaining the social history, and answering your questions on a roller-coaster ride that brings you face-to-face with the harsh reality of our Apartheid past, and the great successes of the present. For example, we will take you to meet talented township artists at work, and visit a community-run school. Both these projects are made possible by people like yourselves supporting the Real City Tour.


Our expert guides use the history of the origin of the separate areas in Port Elizabeth and the contact with ordinary township people to clarify the New South Africa. The tour includes aspects of Settler history, such as the Donkin Reserve; perspectives on transformation and development with particular attention being paid to PE’s Black history. We focus on the most historical townships in Port Elizabeth, including Missionvale, Govan Mbeki Township, Ramaphosa Village New Brighton, Kwazakhele, Zwide etc. Combined the townships covered number 7, with a population of 400 000 people.


70% of Port Elizabeth’s 1.4 million people live in townships, and as London’s Sunday Times Travel supplement said, “If you do only one thing in PE, make sure it’s a township tour … This [Real City] tour is strictly cringe-free. [It] will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about South Africa past and present.”


The tour covers about 70 kilometers, its strength lying in the diversity of experiences offered, including everything from desperately poor squatter areas, Struggle memorials, elite suburbs, and high activity trading markets. Our positive feedback from our clients stems from contact with local people at the community projects we visit. We aren’t called “The Friendly City” for nothing!

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